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Our Mission

Helping you Live Your Life Fully

The mission of Hawkeye Chiropractic is to support patients and enhance every aspect of their health. This holistic approach keeps the goals of the patient at the center of everything that we do.

Wellness Champions

We tailor our treatments to the individual, using a comprehensive treatment strategy that achieves short range goals quickly while maintaining focus on long-term health. We focus on care of local families and individuals who are looking to improve their quality of life. We provide exceptional, multi-disciplinary care to a wide range of patients with varying needs and goals.

We achieve your long-term results through:

  • Treatment plan customized to your needs
  • Education of advanced techniques for Nutrition, Fitness and Disease Prevention
  • Consistent consultation and check-ins to monitor your success

Dr. Drew Voelsch and our team at Hawkeye Chiropractic are dedicated to your continued improvement. We open the doors each day with a singular focus, to be Wellness Champions

10 years of healing

Hawkeye Chiropractic was founded in 2009 to help heal patients and relieve pain by focusing on the source of the pain, rather than simply reducing symptoms. This allows the body to heal itself using its own natural abilities. For 10 years, we have helped our community heal from a wide variety of conditions:

  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Traumatic sports injuries
  • Numbness & Tingling
  • Neck, Back & Leg Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Allergies or Ear Infections
  • Fatigue/Low Energy
  • Poor Sleep
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Jaw Pain/TMJ
  • Poor Posture

New Faces, Continuing Values

We are excited to announce that in March of 2019, Hawkeye Chiropractic was purchased by Dr. Drew Voelsch. After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Drew began practicing in Downtown Chicago. He has chosen Hawkeye Chiropractic because our work echoes his approach to patient care and holistic healing philosophy.

We now begin an exciting new era for our practice, where we blend some modern comforts with our existing focus on complete patient healing. The result for every patient is an enhanced environment that allows you to focus on attaining your optimal state of health and healing.