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One Size does NOT fit all

At Hawkeye Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on understanding you as a person, and how your symptoms impact your daily life. We tailor our treatment schedule to achieve your goals and keep you on the path to holistic health.


Our consultative approach to your health is designed to give you long lasting and positive change. Hawkeye Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you get out of pain quickly, and stay out of pain by addressing its underlying causes.

We begin with an in-depth consultation, which sets the stage for your ongoing treatment. At the end of your first visit, we schedule another appointment to review.

We cover several topics in our initial meeting, including:

  • Reviewing your health history, and symptoms.
  • Determining how these symptoms impact your life and determine goals for your treatment
  • Performing a physical examination to determine sources of your symptoms
  • When required, we use hospital grade digital x-rays to diagnose symptom causation
  • Putting your plan in place

    During your follow up visit, we review the findings and analysis from your consultation and how they relate to your goals. We then tailor our treatment plans based on that consultation. The result is a personalized plan designed to relieve your pain quickly and naturally.

    There are no out of pocket expenses for your first two visits, and we also offer free insurance verification before we begin treatment.

    We work with a wide variety of insurance providers. If you do not have insurance coverage for our services, we offer discounts to customers paying the full expense out of pocket.

    Every aspect of our practice is meant to welcome you and help you focus on healing. Complete our contact form or call us at (847) 472-1224 to experience a holistic approach to your health with Hawkeye Chiropractic.

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    Our clinic focuses on freeing our patients from the unnecessary pain that most people accept as part of daily life. Click the button below to learn more about our mission.

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    One size does NOT fit all

    We tailor our treatment schedule to achieve your goals and keep you on the path to holistic health. Allow us to get to know you before beginning a treatment by filling out a quick form.