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New Option for Seeing Dr. Drew with Telehealth

Welcome to our new Telehealth Appointments!

Dr. Drew announces telehealth options in Arlington, IL

Starting next week we are going to be offering telehealth appointments. Telehealth appointments are just like regular appointments, except we hold them over a video call. Instead of you coming into the office, we conduct the appointment online. We are implementing this to assist with Coronavirus and the shelter in place order and for people that are unable to leave their homes.

The appointments are conducted using a video conference system. We are going to use a program called Zoom. Zoom is easy to use from your desktop or mobile and is currently HIPPA compliant.  Using this program ensures your privacy is protected and we can ensure your path to wellness continues. We have provided how-to videos or can email you the instructions to help you install and log-in to Zoom, as well as any appointment information you will need, should you decide to move forward with this type of treatment. 

Telehealth appointments are limited (when calling to make your appointment, we can verify if you can have a telehealth appointment) and we are excited to be offering them as an option for those that are ill or unable to visit. We will be able to walk through basic stretches and exercises through video chatting. We will verify your type of appointment, the length, and instructions for installing Zoom with an email before your appointment. 

Things we can do on a telehealth video call:

*Consult/History/New Issues/Previous Health Concerns

*Visual ROM

*Posture Evaluation

*Orthopedic Exams

*Workstation evaluation, Dietary evaluation/advice, Physical Exercise recommendations, stress management advice, Sleeping positions, Rehab Exercise prescription, Activity modifications/enhancements, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Instructions, Risk Factor Reduction, Diagnostic impressions, hot/cold pack instructions, Ergonomics

We are excited to offer this type of appointment and stay connected. We understand the complexities and stress currently happening and we want to help you. Please call or email us to schedule your appointment. Our office is still open for those that want to come in. Please be courteous to our team and do not come in if you are not feeling well. We are taking extra precautions cleaning and sterilizing the office to ensure your health and our team. 

To install Zoom:

Zoom can be installed on your computer at no cost to you. Please make sure you have a working camera and microphone on your computer or tablet. 

Click Here to install Zoom. The installer will automatically open and should prompt you to save. Save on your computer. Once saved on your computer, you will just need to click the appointment link in the email sent to you by Dr. Drew. 

We ask that you install and test Zoom the day before your appointment to minimize any issues we may have starting your appointment. We understand this may be challenging and we are happy to have our team help you test your Zoom install before your appointment. 

 How to Join a Zoom Meeting 

Watch this video


If you have any questions, please call the office or contact us